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Wed, Sep 6, 2023 2:41 PM

AEDC Cuts Off Power Supply in Abuja Amidst NLC Strike Action

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AEDC Cuts Off Power Supply in Abuja Amidst NLC Strike Action
The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has cut off power supply in Abuja due to the ongoing strike action initiated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). In response to customer reactions, AEDC has appealed for patience while discussions with stakeholders are ongoing. The article explores customer reactions and questions regarding AEDC's participation in the strike.

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has appealed to its customers for patience after the company cut off its power supply early hours on Tuesday, September 5, following the strike action initiated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

AEDC asked its customers to bear with them as they are currently having discussions with their stakeholders on how to handle the issue.

The company had earlier on Tuesday issued a statement via Twitter (X) saying that the prolonged power supply outage was due to the strike action by the NLC.

Several customers in Abuja have expressed their reactions to the statement made by AEDC (Abuja Electricity Distribution Company). They question why AEDC has chosen to participate in the strike action when other Distribution Companies (DisCos) run by private entities are not following suit.

Some have also highlighted the reactionary nature of AEDC's statement, emphasizing that it should have been issued earlier before the strike action, especially considering the hours of power outage experienced by customers on the day of the strike.

On September 1, 2023, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) announced that it was set to initiate a two-day warning strike starting on Tuesday, September 5. This strike is a demonstration of their discontent with the Federal Government's handling of issues stemming from the removal of fuel subsidies.

It is also important to note that the Federal Government had previously set up committees to roll out palliatives and announced some initiatives which include purchasing of CNG vehicles, N75 billion single-digit interest loans to manufacturers and MSMEs, allocation of N5 billion to states and distribution of grains across the 36 states.

Customer reactions to AEDC's participation in the strike have been mixed. While some express understanding of the company's decision to join the strike in solidarity with the NLC and their cause, others are frustrated by the power outage and feel that AEDC's actions are only adding to their troubles.

The customers question why other Distribution Companies (DisCos) run by private entities are not participating in the strike, leading them to wonder if AEDC's participation is entirely necessary. They believe that the company could have explored alternative ways to show support without inconveniencing customers.

Furthermore, the timing of AEDC's statement has been criticized. Customers argue that the statement should have been issued earlier, prior to the strike action, to inform and prepare them for the power outage. Many customers experienced hours of power outage on the day of the strike before AEDC's statement was made public.

In response to these concerns, AEDC has appealed to its customers for patience. They assure customers that discussions are underway with stakeholders to find a resolution to the power supply issue. AEDC understands the inconvenience caused to its customers and is making efforts to address the situation as soon as possible.

The NLC strike, initiated to express discontent with the Federal Government's handling of issues related to fuel subsidies, has had a widespread impact, with various sectors participating in the protest. AEDC, as a major electricity distribution company, joins the strike action to demonstrate solidarity with the cause.

While AEDC's decision to participate in the NLC strike has sparked customer reactions and raised questions about the necessity of their involvement, it also highlights the need for a comprehensive solution to the issues faced by both the Electricity Distribution Companies and the NLC.

As discussions continue between AEDC and its stakeholders, customers are urged to bear with the power outage and remain patient. The hope is that a resolution will be reached soon, restoring normal power supply to Abuja.

In the meantime, the Federal Government's efforts to address the concerns surrounding fuel subsidies through palliatives and initiatives should also be closely monitored to ensure the best interests of all parties involved are met.

Overall, the power supply cut-off by AEDC amidst the NLC strike action has generated mixed reactions from customers and raised questions about the significance of their participation. Only time will tell how these issues will be resolved and whether they will foster a more cooperative approach between the NLC, Electricity Distribution Companies, and the government going forward.

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