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Sat, Sep 9, 2023 4:45 PM

Nigeria Customs Seizes Contraband Worth N1.8 Billion in Seme

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Nigeria Customs Seizes Contraband Worth N1.8 Billion in Seme
The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) announces significant contraband seizures worth N1.8 billion in its Seme area command. The seized items include rice, petrol, assorted goods, cannabis, Tramadol, ecstasy, cigarettes, and more. The command has already exceeded its revenue target for 2023, collecting N1.9 billion. The Customs leadership, staff, and stakeholders are commended for their efforts.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has made remarkable progress in combating illegal activities and contraband smuggling. The recent report from the Seme area command reveals a series of significant seizures in the period from January 23 to September 8, 2023. The total value of the seized items amounts to a staggering N1.8 billion, encompassing various illicit goods and substances.

The most substantial seizure comprised 9,500 50kg bags of foreign parboiled rice, valued at N312.2 million. This massive volume of rice clearly points to attempts at smuggling and illegal importation, posing a threat to local rice farmers and national food security.

In addition to the rice, the Customs seized 13,835 jerrycans of petrol, which is equivalent to 415,050 liters or 13 tankers, valued at N738.3 million. The illegal transportation of such a substantial quantity of petrol raises concerns regarding safety and revenue loss for the government.

Furthermore, the command confiscated 15,389 assorted goods, including textiles, shoes, bags, and electronics. These items symbolize attempts to evade import duties and taxes, impacting the economy and legitimate businesses.

The illegal drug trade was also intercepted, with 41 parcels of cannabis sativa and 9,657 tablets of Tramadol and ecstasy caught by the vigilant officers. By preventing these dangerous substances from reaching the streets, the Customs Service contributes to safeguarding public health and reducing crime rates.

Aside from the illicit drugs, the command seized 864 packs of cigarettes, addressing the issue of tobacco smuggling and the associated health risks.

The commendable performance of the Seme area command extends beyond contraband seizures. The Customs have also successfully intercepted 1,364 jerrycans of petrol, equivalent to 40,800 liters or one tanker, along the Badagry Creek on September 8. The value of the intercepted petrol amounts to N24.7 million, further demonstrating the commitment of officers to safeguarding national interests.

Furthermore, the Customs area comptroller, Dera Nandi, proudly stated that the Seme command had exceeded its revenue target for the year 2023. The set target was N1.96 billion, while the actual revenue collected as of September 8 reached N1.9 billion, representing 97.2% of the goal. This achievement showcases the proficient management and diligent efforts of the officers and staff within the command.

Mr. Nandi extends his gratitude to the Customs leadership and staff for their hard work and dedication in implementing successful anti-smuggling operations. The exceptional cooperation among the stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, has also contributed to the positive outcomes achieved.

It is worth noting that the Seme area command's success is not limited to the recent period. In January 2023, notable interceptions included fake six million U.S. dollars, 15 fake international passports, 10 driver's licenses, and even donkey skins. These seizures further highlight the Customs' commitment to combating various forms of illegal activities.

During the event, the acting Comptroller-General of Customs, Adewale Adeniyi, expressed his recognition and appreciation to the officers who played pivotal roles in these successful operations. He presented commendation and congratulatory letters to 18 beneficiaries, encouraging and motivating the team to continue their excellent work.

The NCS remains firm and resolute in its fight against smugglers and illicit activities. The seizures made by the Seme area command underscore the crucial role played by Nigeria Customs in protecting national interests, boosting revenue, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens. Continued vigilance and collaboration among all stakeholders will contribute to a more prosperous and secure Nigeria.

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