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Nigerians to Receive Passports in Two Weeks - Minister of Interior Declares

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Nigerians to Receive Passports in Two Weeks - Minister of Interior Declares
The Nigerian Minister of Interior has announced that 55,000 of the delayed passports have been issued, with more backlogs to be cleared soon. Nigerians can expect to receive their passports within two weeks of application.

The Minister of the Interior, Bunmi Tunji-Ojo, declared on Tuesday that Nigerians would now be able to obtain their passports within two weeks. This announcement comes as a relief to many citizens who have experienced significant delays in passport issuance.

According to Tunji-Ojo, 55,000 out of the 200,000 passports that were backlogged have already been issued. He reassured the public that more backlogs would be cleared before the end of the two-week deadline given to the Immigration Chief. This means that Nigerians can now expect to receive their passports much sooner than before.

The minister made this announcement during a visit from the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu. He emphasized the importance of not denying Nigerians their citizenship by delaying passport issuance.

"Nigerians must not be stripped of their citizenship by being denied a passport," Tunji-Ojo stated. He further mentioned that he receives daily updates on the progress of passport issuance, noting that 55,000 passports had been cleared as of that morning.

With the government's commitment to clearing the backlogs, applicants can now look forward to a streamlined and efficient passport application process. Once the remaining backlogs are cleared, the two-week processing time will provide relief to Nigerians who have been eagerly awaiting their passports.

Obtaining a passport is a matter of great significance for many Nigerians. Whether it is for business, education, or travel purposes, having a valid passport is essential. The delays in passport issuance have caused inconvenience and frustration for citizens who rely on their passports for various reasons.

The announcement by the Minister of Interior brings hope and relief to those affected by the delays. It is a positive step towards improving the efficiency of passport processing and ensuring that Nigerians can access this important document in a timely manner.

The efforts to clear the backlogs and expedite passport processing demonstrate the government's commitment to addressing the concerns of its citizens. It is a testament to the importance placed on providing efficient public services and upholding the rights of Nigerians as citizens of the country.

As the backlog continues to be cleared, it is important for applicants to follow the necessary procedures and requirements for passport application. This includes submitting all the relevant documents and completing the application accurately and truthfully.

Ensuring a smooth and expedited passport application process is a collective responsibility. Both the government and the applicants play a role in making this process efficient and effective. By working together, the goal of providing passports to Nigerians within two weeks can be achieved.

Overall, the announcement by the Minister of Interior is a positive development that will bring relief to many Nigerians. The commitment to clearing the backlogs and improving the passport application process demonstrates the government's responsiveness to the needs of its citizens. With the assurance of receiving passports within two weeks, Nigerians can now plan their travel, education, and business activities with greater confidence and convenience.

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