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Sun, Aug 13, 2023 5:45 PM

Labour Party Crisis Deepens as Factional NWC Inaugurates Caretaker Committee in Lagos

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Labour Party Crisis Deepens as Factional NWC Inaugurates Caretaker Committee in Lagos
The crisis rocking the Labour Party has further intensified in Lagos State, as the Lamidi Apapa-led factional National Working Committee inaugurates a 24-man caretaker State Working Committee. The faction disowns the leadership of Mrs Dayo Ekong. Meanwhile, in Oyo State, the LP governorship candidate defects to the APC, citing a lack of focus within the party.

The Labour Party crisis took a new twist in Lagos State with the emergence of a factional chairman, Prince Olumide Adesoyin. The Lamidi Apapa-led factional National Working Committee (NWC) has now inaugurated a 24-man caretaker State Working Committee for Lagos State, further deepening the party's internal rift.

In a bid to assert their authority, Apapa, during the inauguration on Saturday, August 12, emphasized the faction's commitment to steering the affairs of the Labour Party.

"Labour Party will not tolerate any act of indiscipline. Labour Party will not accept any act of illegality. Labour Party believes that nobody is above the law, and this is why we have reached this level today – because of our belief in the court process," Apapa stated.

He urged members of the party to join the inaugurated committee, calling on the rival faction to come together for the party's greater good. "If the other camp fails to join you, the train will soon move. Tell them to come and join us because we need more people," he added.

Meanwhile, the crisis within the Labour Party spills over to Oyo State, where the party's gubernatorial candidate, Tawfiq Akinwale, has defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Akinwale cited the lack of focus within the Labour Party as the reason for joining the ruling party.

However, it appears that the factional chairman, Lamidi Apapa, is not ready to give in as he vowed to expose the alleged wrongdoings of Peter Obi, the party's potential presidential candidate in the 2023 elections. The dispute between the party leaders and Apapa's cohorts recently played out at the presidential election petition tribunal in Abuja.

According to, Apapa and Abayomi Arambambi, the former National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, appeared at the tribunal. Apapa introduced himself as the Labour Party Chairman, even though there has been a bitter factional divide within the party.

The Labour Party (LP) has faced significant challenges in recent times, with internal disagreements and defections plaguing the party. The emergence of factional leaders and the disownment of party executives have further eroded the party's unity and diminished its political clout.

The Labour Party crisis in Lagos State and the defection of the party's Oyo State gubernatorial candidate to the APC highlight the pressing need for the party to address its internal issues and present a united front ahead of the 2023 general elections.

In a political landscape already dominated by major parties, the Labour Party must regroup, reconcile its factions, and communicate a clear vision to attract and retain members who believe in its principles and objectives. The forthcoming elections present an opportunity for the party to regather its strength and demonstrate its relevance in Nigerian politics.

The hope of political relevance for the Labour Party lies in its ability to foster internal harmony, rebuild trust among members, and establish solid structures that guarantee accountability and inclusiveness. Only then can the party emerge as a formidable force, capable of influencing policy decisions and representing the aspirations of the Nigerian workforce it claims to champion.

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