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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 7:55 PM

Nigeria's Armed Forces Continue to Make Significant Strides in the Fight Against Terrorism

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Nigeria's Armed Forces Continue to Make Significant Strides in the Fight Against Terrorism
Nigeria's Armed Forces have recorded significant successes in their fight against terrorism and criminal activities across the country. In the last three months, over 800 terrorists have been neutralized, along with the arrest of numerous criminals and kidnap suspects. The operations have also led to the recovery of weapons, ammunition, equipment, and the rescue of kidnapped hostages. Additionally, the Armed Forces have disrupted illegal activities, including crude oil theft, in the South South geopolitical zone.

Nigeria's Armed Forces continue to make remarkable progress in their intensified efforts to counter insurgency and terrorism across the country. The Director of Defence Media Operation (DMO), Major General Edward Buba, announced during the Defence Quarterly Briefing in Abuja that the troops have struck major blows against terrorists and criminal elements.

Over the course of three months, a total of 814 terrorists have been neutralized, while 1,326 suspected criminals were arrested. The successful operations also resulted in the arrest of 42 kidnappers, 231 collaborators, 33 armed robbers, 80 cattle rustlers, 325 militias, 27 rail vandals, and 73 gunrunners. Moreover, 721 kidnapped hostages have been rescued.

The statistics speak loudly of the determination and effectiveness of Nigeria's Armed Forces in tackling security challenges. The achievement becomes even more significant when we consider the surrender of 4,560 terrorists and their families to the troops.

In their pursuit of criminals and terrorists, the troops have also recovered an extensive array of weapons, ammunition, and equipment. A total of 501 weapons, including various rifles and pistols, were seized. Additionally, 3,577 livestock, 3,269 assorted ammunition, and 674 pieces of equipment were confiscated.

Highlighting the recovery, General Buba listed the different arms and ammunition that were confiscated, ranging from AK47 rifles and grenades to bullets, cartridges, and explosives. The retrieval of these weapons not only protects the innocent civilians but also weakens the capabilities of these violent factions.

Furthermore, the operations in the South South geopolitical zone led to the interception of 6,652,250 liters of stolen crude oil, 3,558,325 liters of illegally refined AGO, 288,650 liters of DPK, and 65,600 liters of PMS. These seizures prevented an estimated loss of four billion naira to the oil thieves.

The Armed Forces' relentless pursuit of criminal elements is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the troops. Major General Edward Buba emphasized that the terrorists and their supporters cannot prevail in the face of ongoing military pressure.

In a stern message to the insurgents, General Buba urged them to lay down their arms and reintegrate into society for the betterment of themselves and their children. However, he warned that failure to do so would result in annihilation.

Nigerians can take solace in the fact that the Armed Forces are resolute in their mission to ensure the safety and security of the nation. General Buba expressed gratitude for the trust and cooperation received from supportive groups, stating that their contributions have greatly impacted the success of the operations.

In conclusion, the Armed Forces of Nigeria deserve commendation for their substantial strides in combating terrorism and criminal activities. Their operational successes are a testament to their professionalism, bravery, and commitment to ensuring peace and stability in the country.

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