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Mon, Sep 4, 2023 5:55 AM

SDP Accuses Governor Yahaya Bello and Police Commissioner of Planning Attacks on Supporters

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SDP Accuses Governor Yahaya Bello and Police Commissioner of Planning Attacks on Supporters
The Kogi State Social Democratic Party (SDP) has accused Governor Yahaya Bello and the state's Police Commissioner, Berthrand Onuoha, of planning to attack the party's supporters in Kogi Local Government Area. The SDP claims that Bello and Onuoha are working together to intimidate SDP members due to recent defections and growing support for the party's candidate, Muritala Ajaka. The party is calling on higher authorities to address this threat to democracy.

The Kogi State Social Democratic Party (SDP) gubernatorial campaign council has raised serious allegations against the state governor, Yahaya Bello, and the police commissioner, Berthrand Onuoha. These accusations come in light of the upcoming gubernatorial election in November, where Kogi will be joining Imo and Bayelsa in casting their votes.

The SDP campaign council spokesperson, Faruk Adejoh-Audu, stated that Bello and Onuoha are allegedly conspiring to attack SDP supporters in Kogi Local Government Area. Furthermore, they claim that the police commissioner is collaborating with the governor to intimidate the party's members. The motive behind these alleged acts of intimidation is said to be SDP gaining momentum, especially after attracting key supporters, including former APC members.

The allegations also suggest that a notorious thug, Bashir Gegu, hired by Governor Bello as an aide, has provided the police commissioner with a list of major Ajaka supporters. Consequently, Onuoha plans to deploy a squad of police personnel accompanied by Bello's thugs, led by Gegu himself.

Adejoh-Audu expressed astonishment at the commissioner's willingness to comply with Bello's agenda, considering his previous reluctance to arrest political thugs who set fire to the SDP state office. The spokesperson further asserts that the commissioner's selective enforcement serves the purpose of aiding Bello in imposing his preferred candidate during the election.

The SDP campaign council calls upon the Minister of Police, Inspector General of Police, and the police service commission to address the threat posed to democracy in Kogi state. The party's concerns lie in the commissioner's facilitation of arbitrary arrests, detentions, and potential harm or even execution of opposition members to dissuade others from participating politically.

Both Bello's spokesperson, Onogwu Mohammed, and the police command spokesperson, William Avya, have yet to respond to these allegations made by the SDP.

Muritala Ajaka, who defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to run for governor under the SDP banner, is a significant contender in the upcoming election. The APC candidate is Usman Ododo, the immediate past auditor general of local governments in Kogi state. Furthermore, Dino Melaye, representing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), also vies for the governorship position, making the race a three-way battle.

Since the electioneering began, Kogi state has unfortunately experienced cases of violence, continuing an escalating trend in the North-central state.

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