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Thu, Aug 10, 2023 8:50 PM

Gunmen Kill 21 People in Violent Attacks in Nigeria

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Gunmen Kill 21 People in Violent Attacks in Nigeria
Gunmen attacked two communities in Plateau state, Nigeria, resulting in the death of 21 people. The attacks took place during the early hours of Thursday, leaving several others injured. The motive and perpetrators of the attacks are currently unknown. Rewang Tengwong, spokesperson for the Berom Youth Movement, highlighted the need for improved government response and security in the region. The conflict between Christian farming communities and Muslim Fulani herders over land and resources is a recurring issue in Plateau state.

Lagos, 10 ago (EFE).- At least 21 people were killed in the early hours of Thursday when armed men attacked two communities in Plateau state, central Nigeria, confirmed a civil society organization to EFE.

"Several armed men attacked the Barkin Ladi local government area around 1:25 am today (00:25 GMT) and killed 21 people," explained Rewang Tengwong, spokesperson for the Berom Youth Movement (BYM), in a phone interview with EFE.

"They started with the Baton community, where they killed 17 people, and then attacked the Rayogot municipality, where they murdered 4 more people," he added, noting that seven people were injured during the attacks.

The spokesperson for the youth movement stated that the bodies of all those killed had been recovered, while the injured were receiving treatment in the hospital.

Tengwong said that, at the moment, the perpetrators of the attacks and the motives behind them had not been determined.

However, he denounced the frequent attacks by armed men against communities in Plateau state and called on the government and security forces to improve their responsiveness.

Clashes between predominantly Christian farming communities and Muslim Fulani herders over land usage and scarce natural resources are common in Plateau state.

These conflicts often escalate into violence and result in tragic consequences, as seen in the recent attack.

The lack of resolution to the underlying issues and the potency of the clashes demand urgent action from the government to address the root causes of these conflicts and prevent further loss of lives.

Efforts should be made to foster dialogue, understanding, and tolerance among different communities in Plateau state to prevent such violent outbreaks.

The security forces should also enhance their effectiveness in anticipating and responding to attacks, ensuring the safety of residents and swiftly bringing perpetrators to justice.

Plateau state, known as the "Home of Peace and Tourism," should not continue to be marred by these recurring violent incidents that undermine its reputation and stability.

The government, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, needs to develop comprehensive strategies for lasting peace and security in Plateau state.

Only through coordinated efforts can the state overcome these challenges, promote harmony among its diverse populace, and create an environment conducive to development and progress.

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