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Wed, Sep 13, 2023 7:15 PM

Prophet Kingsley Okwuwe Foresees Victory for Peter Obi at the Supreme Court

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Prophet Kingsley Okwuwe Foresees Victory for Peter Obi at the Supreme Court
With the upcoming Supreme Court case challenging President Bola Tinubu's electoral victory, Prophet Kingsley Okwuwe predicts success for Peter Obi. In a recent prophecy, Okwuwe urges supporters to continue praying and shows confidence that Obi will triumph in the end.

The political climate in Nigeria has been tense since the tribunal's decision to uphold President Bola Tinubu's electoral victory. However, according to Prophet Kingsley Okwuwe of the Revival and Restoration Global Mission, there is hope for a different outcome in the upcoming Supreme Court case. In a recent prophecy released on his official YouTube page, Prophet Okwuwe predicts victory for Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP).

Prophet Okwuwe called on supporters of Obi to continue supporting him with prayers and to remain patient during this challenging time. He reassures them that the power is coming and a new Nigeria will be born. Drawing parallels to the biblical story of Moses, Okwuwe advises the followers of Obi to stand still and see the salvation of The Lord. He emphasizes that in God's sight, one year is like a day, and they should be patient while God works behind the scenes.

The prophecy has given renewed hope to the supporters of Peter Obi and has sparked a sense of optimism among them. They believe that his case in the Supreme Court has a higher chance of success, thanks to Prophet Okwuwe's prediction. The prophecy acts as a source of encouragement during this challenging and uncertain time.

Moreover, Prophet Okwuwe goes on to say that the Nigerian judiciary can be likened to the story of Adam and Lucifer. He accuses the five-man panel led by Justice Haruna Tsammani of desecrating the hallowed place of justice. These remarks shed light on the deep-rooted concerns regarding the integrity and fairness of the judicial system in Nigeria.

While some may dismiss the prophecy as mere speculation, for those who are strong believers in Prophet Okwuwe's spiritual insights, it serves as a ray of hope during a time of political uncertainty. Peter Obi's supporters are called on to rally behind him and offer prayers for a favorable outcome in the Supreme Court case. The prophecy, along with the unwavering faith of his supporters, has created an atmosphere of positivity surrounding Obi's presidential aspirations.

As the final judgement approaches, all eyes will be on the Supreme Court to see if Prophet Okwuwe's prophecy comes true. Until then, supporters of Peter Obi continue to put their trust in the divine intervention and the power of prayer.

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