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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 7:50 PM

Four Officials of Tantita Security Services Cleared and Released After Being Wrongfully Arrested for Oil Theft

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Four Officials of Tantita Security Services Cleared and Released After Being Wrongfully Arrested for Oil Theft
Four officials of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited (TSSNL), who were wrongfully arrested by the Nigerian Navy for alleged oil theft, have been cleared and released following an intensive investigation. The Navy discovered that their arrest was a mistake and convinced the police to release them due to a lack of satisfactory evidence. Tantita's management expressed relief and stated that the incident had vindicated their personnel. The Navy and Tantita are now working together to combat crude oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

In a surprising turn of events, four officials of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited (TSSNL) who were arrested by the Nigerian Navy for alleged oil theft have been cleared of any wrongdoing and released.

The Nigerian Navy conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and uncovered that the initial arrest was made in error. The authorities at the Naval headquarters convinced their police counterparts to release the suspects due to insufficient evidence to prosecute them.

Tantita's management expressed their satisfaction with the outcome and stated that it vindicated their personnel. They had vehemently protested their innocence from the beginning, asserting that their officials were on a legitimate mission to apprehend oil thieves when they were unjustly apprehended by the Naval personnel attached to the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS Becroft.

"Our personnel, who were unlawfully arrested for trumped-up allegations of illegal oil theft along Lagos waterways, have been freed and released to re-unite with us. The Navy, upon the outcome of thorough investigations, directed the Police to release them. Our men were on legitimate duties when they were unlawfully arrested," said a Tantita representative.

Describing the initial arrest as "unjustifiable, unwarranted, and provocative," Tantita's management expressed its gratitude to the Navy for rectifying the mistake. They believe that the incident will foster a good working relationship between Tantita and the Navy, enabling them to collaborate in eradicating crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism.

The collaboration between Tantita and the Navy is seen as a positive step towards combating illegal oil operations in the oil-producing areas and creeks of the Niger Delta region. It is expected that their joint efforts will help in curbing the activities of oil thieves and preserving the integrity of Nigeria's oil resources.

The release of the Tantita officials raises questions about the initial arrest and highlights the need for careful and accurate investigation processes to avoid wrongful accusations. It also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and partnership between security agencies to ensure that justice is served and innocent individuals are not unduly detained.

The incident involving Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited underscores the ongoing challenges posed by oil theft in Nigeria. The illegal activity not only leads to massive economic losses for the country but also causes environmental degradation and poses significant security risks.

The public expects the Nigerian Navy and other security agencies to intensify their efforts and work together to clamp down on oil theft syndicates and bring them to justice. Through collaborative initiatives and robust investigations, the nation can protect its valuable oil resources and secure its future prosperity.

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