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Wed, Sep 13, 2023 3:15 PM

FCT Minister Vows to Prioritize Development of Satellite Towns

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FCT Minister Vows to Prioritize Development of Satellite Towns
The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Nyesom Wike, has emphasized the importance of developing satellite towns in the FCT. During the inauguration of Mandate Secretaries for the FCT Administration, he highlighted the need for progress and development beyond the city center. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and accountability, the FCT Administration aims to achieve a world-class capital city.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Nyesom Wike, has reaffirmed the commitment of the FCT Administration to the development of satellite towns in the region. Speaking at the inauguration of Mandate Secretaries for the FCT Administration in Abuja, Wike emphasized the need for progress and development that extends beyond the city center.

In his address, Wike highlighted the importance of transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the administration's efforts. He called upon the Mandate Secretaries to address issues affecting service delivery, particularly the procurement process. With these cornerstones in place, the vision of transforming the FCT into a world-class city can be realized.

The Minister acknowledged that financing ambitious projects and initiatives is crucial to the development agenda. Enhancing the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) through innovative approaches will be a key focus for the administration. By raising the necessary funds, the administration aims to support various development programs.

One of the major challenges identified by Wike is the need for a reliable and comprehensive public transportation system. He emphasized that no modern city can function effectively without it. The FCT Administration plans to establish an integrated and efficient transport network that meets the needs of the residents.

Recognizing the significance of a clean and well-maintained environment, Wike underscored its role in creating a healthy and prosperous community. He called for collaboration between the government and citizens to ensure a cleaner and greener FCT. The administration will also work closely with law enforcement agencies and communities to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.

Furthermore, the Minister outlined the importance of uplifting the education, agriculture, and health sectors. He stressed the need for world-class standards in these areas, as they form the foundation of a prosperous city. By providing access to quality education, healthcare, and agricultural opportunities, the administration aims to improve the well-being of the residents.

Wike also expressed his enthusiasm for the tourism sector, which holds tremendous potential for economic growth and job creation. The administration plans to promote and develop the unique cultural and natural assets of the FCT to attract both local and international visitors, thereby boosting the economy.

In line with preserving the Abuja master plan, the Minister emphasized that all infractions would be dealt with decisively. Non-compliant buildings would face appropriate measures, including removal and penalties. He also highlighted the importance of strengthening relevant laws to close loopholes that may be exploited by offenders to the detriment of the administration and the people of the FCT.

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