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Mon, Jul 24, 2023 7:15 PM

Delta State Government Seals Building Sites for Violating Regulations

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Delta State Government Seals Building Sites for Violating Regulations
The Delta State Government has taken a firm stand against developers who violate building regulations in the state. Various building sites have been sealed off, and further work has been ordered to stop. The Ministry of Urban Renewal is spearheading this initiative to ensure sanity in urban development. Property developers are urged to comply with approved building plans and use standard materials in their projects.

The Delta State Government, through officials of the Ministry of Urban Renewal, has taken decisive action against property developers who have violated building regulations in the state. The government has sealed various building sites and has ordered a halt to further work by these developers.

The Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Mrs. Charity Ehimen, has reaffirmed the government's stance on zero tolerance for building code violations and other related offenses. She emphasized the ministry's commitment to ensuring that all approved building plans and regulations set by the government are strictly adhered to.

This ongoing exercise is aimed at restoring order and ensuring sanity in urban development within the state. The government is determined to create an environment where property developers operate in compliance with the law and meet the required standards.

Several building sites across the state have felt the ministry's hammer. These include locations such as Asaba-Ibusa Expressway, Asaba-Benin Expressway, Ibusa Road in Asaba, Nnebisi Road in Asaba, Okpanam Town, and the vicinity of the Old Lagos Bypass at Okpanam Post Office.

Mrs. Ehimen also highlighted the importance of using standard materials in property development, urging developers to discontinue the use of sub-standard materials. She emphasized that such practices are unprofessional and counter-productive, leading to shoddy constructions that endanger lives and contribute to the decay of urban areas.

As the Ministry of Urban Renewal continues to crack down on building code violations, it sends a strong message to both developers and the public that the state government is committed to ensuring safer and sustainable urban development. By enforcing building regulations, the government aims to protect the interests of the public and preserve the aesthetic appeal of the state's urban areas.

The sealing off of building sites and the order to halt further construction serve as a warning to all developers operating in Delta State. Compliance with building regulations is of utmost importance, and any violation will be met with strict penalties.

Property developers in the state must recognize the significance of adhering to approved building plans and using standard materials. In doing so, they not only uphold their professionalism but also contribute to the overall development and growth of the state.

The Delta State Government's actions demonstrate a commitment to creating livable, safe, and sustainable communities for its residents. The impact of these measures will be felt not only by developers but also by the wider population, who will benefit from improved urban environments that promote well-being and economic growth.

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