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Sun, Jul 23, 2023 11:30 AM

Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority Launches Investigation into Fuel Contamination Incident

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Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority Launches Investigation into Fuel Contamination Incident
Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is conducting an extensive investigation into a recent incident involving water contamination in the fuel tanks of certain aircraft. The authority aims to prevent future safety breaches and ensure air travel safety in the country. A committee consisting of various stakeholders will also be created to monitor and maintain aviation fuel quality.

Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has initiated a thorough investigation into a concerning incident that occurred recently - the contamination of fuel tanks in select aircraft with water. This incident has compelled the authority to take stringent measures in order to prevent any future occurrences of similar safety breaches and guarantee the safety of air travel within the country.

The Director General of the NCAA, Musa Nuhu, expressed the critical need for this investigation during a meeting in Abuja. He emphasized the urgency of determining the root cause of the fuel contamination issue to combat it effectively.

Nuhu highlighted the fact that this issue extends beyond the purview of the aviation ecosystem, necessitating collaboration with the regulator of the downstream petroleum sector. "The fuel contamination is outside the purview of the aviation ecosystem, which is why we have engaged the regulator of the downstream sector. We have been in consultation with NMDPRA because they certify all the oil companies in Nigeria," he explained.

Recognizing the identified gaps resulting from the lack of deliberate collaboration between the NCAA, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) in monitoring fuel quality, Nuhu stressed the criticality of a collaborative approach.

To comprehensively address this issue, a committee, composed of representatives from various stakeholders, including the NCAA, FAAN, NMDPRA, National Society of Independent Petroleum Marketers (NSIB), airlines, pilots, fuel depot operators, and aircraft maintenance officers, will be established soon.

The primary responsibility of this committee will be to ensure the constant monitoring and maintenance of aviation fuel quality standards. By keeping a close watch on the fuel quality, potential issues, such as water contamination, can be identified and resolved promptly.

This collaborative effort signifies the commitment of the Nigerian aviation industry to maintain the highest standards of safety in air travel. The formation of the committee allows for information sharing, joint decision-making, and proactive measures to enhance the overall safety of aviation fuel in the country.

The investigation undertaken by the NCAA, in coordination with the NMDPRA, serves as a significant step towards preventing similar incidents from endangering the safety of passengers and crew members. Through this investigation and the subsequent measures implemented, confidence in air travel safety can be restored.

Airline passengers and industry stakeholders can feel assured that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is taking every necessary action to address and rectify any potential safety threats within the aviation fuel supply chain. This collaborative investigation and continuous monitoring will serve as a strong deterrent against any future fuel contamination occurrences, ensuring the well-being and welfare of all those who travel by air in Nigeria.

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