Emily Johnson
Wed, Jun 28, 2023 9:04 AM

Upcoming Sporting Events to Look Forward To

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Upcoming Sporting Events to Look Forward To
Plan your schedule around these upcoming sports events that promise excitement and entertainment.

Get ready for some thrilling sporting events in the coming weeks:

1.Olympic Games: The 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, are scheduled to begin on July 23rd. Athletes from around the world will compete across various sports, showcasing their skills and fighting for gold.

2.UEFA Euro 2020: Although delayed by a year, the UEFA Euro 2020 football tournament is set to kick off on June 11th. European nations will battle it out to be crowned champions of Europe.

3.Wimbledon: One of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, will take place from June 28th to July 11th. Tennis fans can expect intense matches and historic rivalries.

4.Tour de France: The iconic cycling race, Tour de France, will begin on June 26th and conclude on July 18th. Riders will tackle challenging terrains and strive for the coveted yellow jersey.

5.2021 Formula 1 Season: The Formula 1 season is underway, with several races scheduled in the coming months. Exciting battles between teams and drivers will keep motorsport enthusiasts engaged.

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