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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 1:30 PM

The Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) Puts Financial Burden on Customers in Bauchi to Fix Electric Assets

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The Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) Puts Financial Burden on Customers in Bauchi to Fix Electric Assets
The Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) in Bauchi has consistently neglected its role of fixing electric poles, transformers, and cables, forcing customers to bear the financial burden of sustaining power supply. Despite regulations from the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) stating that it is not the responsibility of customers to buy or repair electrical equipment, residents have had to invest their own resources to obtain the necessary assets. Communities have raised funds to repair faulty transformers, cables, and poles, with no refunds from JED for these investments.

Residents of Bauchi communities have been dealing with the financial burden of repairing faulty electric assets due to the negligence of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED). Despite regulatory provisions from the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) clearly stating that it is not the responsibility of customers to purchase or repair electrical equipment, JED has consistently failed to fulfill its role.

One resident, Muhammed Rabi'u, shared his experience of having to buy three poles and cables to connect his house to power supplied by JED after his efforts to get the company to supply the materials proved unsuccessful. He expressed his dissatisfaction with having to bear the financial burden, stating, "The only thing JED did to me was registration as their customer after making a huge investment that allowed them to continue making money through me."

Unfortunately, Muhammed Rabi'u is not alone in facing this issue. Ibrahim Adamu, another resident, had to purchase 10 poles before his newly constructed house could be connected to the power grid. Despite repeated attempts to get JED to provide the necessary assets, residents have been left to fend for themselves.

This failure of JED to fulfill its statutory role has exposed customers to exploitation and financial strain. The NERC clearly states that electricity customers should not be responsible for purchasing, replacing, or repairing electrical transformers, poles, and related equipment. It is the obligation of the electricity distribution companies to provide and maintain these assets.

Communities in Bauchi have had to take matters into their own hands, raising funds to repair faulty transformers, cables, and poles. In Anguwar Sarakuna, residents spent almost one million naira to fix their transformer, despite having submitted an official complaint to JED. The company's response was consistently delayed, citing the need for approval from Jos.

Similar stories emerge from other communities in Bauchi, such as Zango-Gidan Kaji and Unguwar Fadaman-Jaji. Residents either procure the necessary assets themselves or borrow them from JED, with no guarantee of a timely fix or reimbursement.

Although the NERC guidelines clearly state that electricity distribution companies should refund any investment made by customers to procure or repair electric assets, JED has evaded ratifying such agreements. The company claims it does not have the financial capability to reimburse customers, leaving them to bear the costs.

Furthermore, JED continues to charge monthly bills to communities that have invested their own resources in fixing the electrical network. Residents have expressed frustration at the lack of support from JED, despite contributing a significant portion of the available electric network.

While JED's regional manager, Hafiz Saleh Hassan, acknowledged the company's responsibility to provide and repair electric assets, he cited a lack of resources as the reason for the delay in responding to customers' demands. However, customers argue that they have adhered to the complaint procedures without any resolution from the power company.

It is clear that the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) needs to reassess its practices and fulfill its obligations to the communities it serves in Bauchi. Customers should not be burdened with the financial responsibility of fixing electric assets, and the company should strive to provide quality services without exploiting its customers.

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