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Tue, Aug 29, 2023 11:25 PM

Delta State at 32: A State of Contrasting Views

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Delta State at 32: A State of Contrasting Views
On the 32nd anniversary of Delta State's creation, the Speaker of the state's House of Assembly, Hon Dennis Guwor, expressed optimism about the state's development under the MORE agenda. However, former minister Barr Jennet Gbagi disagreed, stating that Delta State remains a work-in-progress even after 32 years. This article delves into the contrasting views on the state of development in Delta State.

Delta State, a region rich in culture, resources, and history, recently celebrated its 32nd anniversary since it was created by the military administration in 1991. As the state reflects on its journey, opinions concerning the level of development attained vary among key figures, creating a state of contrasting views.

The Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Dennis Guwor, used the occasion to encourage residents to remain hopeful for the future. He stated that Governor Sheriff Oborevwori's administration would build upon the achievements of the past to bring about more development across the state. Hon Guwor emphasized the commitment of the state legislature to promote peace, unity, prosperity, and good governance in Delta State.

However, former Minister of State for Education, Barr Jennet Gbagi, expressed a different perspective. Gbagi argues that after 32 years, Delta State is still a "work-in-progress." According to him, the state has not made significant strides in development, despite the influx of funds over the years.

"While we commemorate the 32nd anniversary, it is disheartening that Delta State has little to celebrate," Gbagi stated. "The structure of Delta State has remained largely the same as it was during the colonial era."

Gbagi's criticism stems from the belief that Delta State's development has not kept pace with the resources and financial allocations it has received. He finds it unfortunate that the state's current state of affairs paints an unimpressive picture both within Nigeria and internationally.

While there may be areas where progress is evident, Gbagi's perspective underscores the need to accelerate development efforts. It calls for a critical examination of existing projects, policies, and priorities to ensure Delta State realises its full potential.

As with any debate, it is important to consider both sides of the argument. The Speaker's optimism represents a desire for continuity and trust in the current administration's ability to deliver on its promises. On the other hand, Gbagi's viewpoint challenges the status quo and highlights the urgency for a more comprehensive development strategy.

Development is a complex process that encompasses various aspects such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and economic growth. It requires a holistic approach and concerted efforts from both the government and the citizens.

Delta State's journey towards progress and development is ongoing. It requires a collective will and long-term vision to transform the state into a model of prosperity and good governance.

The contrasting views expressed by the Speaker and Barr Jennet Gbagi bring to the forefront the need for dialogue, collaboration, and continuous evaluation of the state's development trajectory. It is essential for stakeholders to engage in constructive conversations that address challenges, seek innovative solutions, and propel Delta State towards a brighter future.

While opinions may differ, it is vital for all parties involved to prioritize the overall growth and welfare of Delta State. By harnessing the full potential of its resources and addressing the concerns raised by individuals like Gbagi, the state can overcome its current setbacks.

The 32nd anniversary of Delta State should serve as a catalyst for reflection, introspection, and action. It is an opportunity to break free from the shackles of complacency and pursue a path of sustainable development that benefits all Deltans.

Ultimately, the true progress of Delta State will be measured not only by its infrastructure or economic indicators but also by the impact it has on the lives and aspirations of its people. The debate surrounding its development serves as a reminder that there is more work to be done, and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future they desire.

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