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Thu, Aug 24, 2023 5:30 PM

Fatal Building Collapse in Nigeria Leaves Two Dead and Many Trapped

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Fatal Building Collapse in Nigeria Leaves Two Dead and Many Trapped
A building collapse in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, has left two people dead and many others trapped. The two-story building, which served as both a commercial center and residential block, collapsed during heavy rainfall. Rescue efforts are currently underway to save those trapped under the debris.

ABUYA, Nigeria (AP) -- Rescue teams are searching for survivors on Thursday after a building collapse in Nigeria's capital city left two people dead and numerous others trapped, according to emergency services.

The two-story building located in Garki, a densely populated district of Abuja, crumbled during a heavy downpour on Wednesday night, as witnessed by bystanders. The building was both a shopping center and a residential block, and it is believed that some of the trapped individuals were shoppers.

So far, 37 people have been rescued alive from the rubble, reported Nkechi Isa, spokesperson for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The operation will continue until all remains are checked, she added.

Rescue workers employed an excavator and a bulldozer to remove debris during the search. A large crowd gathered on the street where the building once stood, cheering on the rescues of survivors. Others waited for news about their missing family members.

Building collapses are becoming increasingly common in Africa's most populous nation, with over a dozen incidents occurring in the past year alone. In August, a mosque collapse in the northwestern state of Kaduna claimed seven lives.

Authorities often attribute these tragedies to officials' failure to adhere to building safety regulations and poor maintenance.

This latest incident highlights the urgent need for stricter enforcement of construction standards and regular inspections to prevent such disasters in Nigeria. The lives of citizens should never be put at risk due to negligence or inadequate infrastructure.

It is crucial for the government and relevant agencies to take immediate action to ensure that buildings are constructed according to safety codes and that routine inspections are conducted. Stringent penalties should be imposed on individuals and organizations found guilty of flouting regulations, as a strong deterrent can help prevent future collapses.

Furthermore, public awareness and education campaigns should be launched to inform citizens about the importance of reporting any suspicious or poorly constructed buildings. Empowering communities to play an active role in identifying potential hazards can be a critical step in preventing future tragedies.

In addition, it is essential for emergency response teams to receive adequate training and resources to effectively handle rescue operations. Timely intervention can save lives and minimize the impact of such incidents.

Ultimately, the government must prioritize the safety of its citizens by investing in infrastructure and implementing comprehensive measures to prevent building collapses. Only through decisive action and collaborative efforts can Nigeria overcome this recurring challenge.

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