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FHIS Commends President Tinubu's Prioritisation of Health Insurance Scheme

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FHIS Commends President Tinubu's Prioritisation of Health Insurance Scheme
The FCT Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) expressed its appreciation for President Bola Tinubu's commitment to promoting health insurance for the benefit of Nigerians. FHIS called on the media to help create more awareness about the scheme and encourage enrollment from all segments of society. The agency also highlighted the need for the president to sign the FCT Health Insurance Bill to support the country's goal of achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

The FCT Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) extends its gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for recognizing the importance of prioritizing health insurance for the welfare of Nigerians. The agency commends the new administration for consistently emphasizing the need for improved health insurance coverage in the country.

Dr Ahmed Danfulani, the director of the FHIS, acknowledged President Tinubu's commitment to health insurance, which has been prominently featured in the president's public speeches. The director also stated that health insurance has become a crucial objective within the administration's renewed hope agenda.

However, Dr Danfulani called on President Tinubu to sign the FCT Health Insurance Bill and create supporting documents to accelerate progress towards achieving Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

The director expressed his appreciation to the media for their efforts in raising awareness about the benefits of health insurance among FCT residents. He urged journalists to continue their support and to enhance the dissemination of information regarding FHIS.

"Although the number of health insurance enrollees in the FCT has increased, we still have a long way to go. We count on the media to provide more consistent and informative coverage to help us achieve our goals," Dr Danfulani emphasized.

He emphasized the necessity for the media to raise awareness in communities about the different health insurance programs available, clarifying that health insurance is accessible to everyone and not limited to civil servants.

"Many of the poor individuals already enrolled in the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) may not have access to the services if they are not sufficiently informed. Hence, the media needs to play a crucial role in addressing this issue," added Dr Danfulani.

To further solidify their outreach, the FHIS has hired additional staff who will be trained in marketing strategies to engage with people individually at area council offices. Additionally, the agency plans to conduct town hall meetings in order to bring health insurance services closer to the masses.

Miss Onyeka Ojogwu, Health Finance Advisor at the United States Agency for International Development Integrated Health Programme (USAID-IHP), also emphasized the media's role in propagating the scheme and increasing public awareness. She urged the media to focus on enlightening rural areas where mothers and children lack knowledge about the services available.

Praising the media's contribution, Mr Malan Haruna, Acting Secretary of the Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS), attributed 25% of the FHIS's success to the media's efforts. He stressed the importance of engaging with the media to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the health insurance scheme in the FCT.

As part of their awareness campaign, the FHIS is utilizing social media, drama productions, and jingles to effectively communicate the benefits of the health insurance scheme to a wider audience.

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