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News Summary of March 12, 2024 in Nigeria

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News Summary of March 12, 2024 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

Activist groups have praised the recent move by politician Bola Tinubu to release seized food items held by customs officials. They called for increased security measures to prevent future seizures.

The senator representing Osun, Adeleke, has raised concerns about a plot to abduct school children and attack farms in the state. He called on security agencies to take immediate action to prevent such incidents.

Senator Ningi has denied accusing President Tinubu of implementing two budgets. He clarified that his recent statements were misinterpreted and that he did not make such accusations.

The head of the African Development Bank criticized opaque loans tied to Africa's natural resources. He called for more transparency in the loan processes to ensure that the resources benefit the African population.

Aiyedatiwa, who declared his bid for the Ondo Guber, stated that he believes the late Akeredolu would be proud of him as his successor. He highlighted his commitment to continue the work started by Akeredolu.

The registration of data controllers and data processors is being reviewed in Nigeria. The aim is to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and enhance data security in the country.

An investigation has been launched into the killing of an escaping convict by correctional officers, which sparked unrest in the Wuse Market. The police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Jigawa State government has reduced working hours for civil servants during the Ramadan period. The move is aimed at allowing the Muslim civil servants to observe their religious obligations.

The Nigerian equities market continued to experience bullish trends, with investors earning N836.58 billion in the recent trading period. The positive performance is attributed to increased investor confidence.

Families anxiously await news of the 280 students kidnapped in Nigeria. The incident has raised concerns about the security situation in the country and the safety of its citizens.

The EBT team emerged victorious in the Espoon derby, concluding the regular season on a high note. The match showcased the team's skills and determination.

The CNPP and CSOs have called for a probe into the alleged budget padding and issued a 14-day ultimatum for Akpabio to step aside as Senate president during the investigation. They are demanding transparency and accountability in budgetary processes.

NECA and CPPE have commended the Nigerian government for suspending the $15,000 expatriate employment levy. The move is seen as a positive step towards creating a more business-friendly environment in the country.

The Nigerian Army has burst an alleged IPOB/ESN firearms/drones factory in Delta State and arrested six suspects. The operation is part of ongoing efforts to combat insecurity and protect the lives and properties of Nigerian citizens.

Enugu Speaker urged Nigerian youth to shun cultism and embrace positive learning. He emphasized the need for youth to focus on personal and educational development rather than engaging in criminal activities.

Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu has come under fire for failing to address the rampant kidnappings in the country. People are calling on the government to take decisive action to ensure the safety of its citizens.

El jefe del Banco de Desarrollo Africano ha criticado los préstamos opacos asociados a los recursos naturales de África. Ha pedido mayor transparencia en los procesos de préstamo para asegurar que los recursos beneficien a la población africana.

A caucus leader has stated that nobody can earn less than N100K and survive in Nigeria. He called for an increase in the minimum wage to ensure a decent standard of living for all Nigerian workers.

The Nigerian state has failed to stem the kidnapping for ransom crisis, which is causing distress among the population. There are concerns about the government's ability to protect its citizens and maintain law and order.

Nigeria is among countries with the lowest VAT according to a report by the EU/Ecowas. The report highlights the need for tax reforms and revenue mobilization to support economic development in the country.

Governor Wike urged Polish mega farm investors to consider investing in Abuja. He highlighted the favorable business environment and investment opportunities in the capital city.

The Delta Nurses have hailed Governor Oborevwori for liberating them from age-long bondage. They expressed their gratitude for the positive changes brought about by the governor's administration.

Governor Mbah has appointed Chinyeaka Ohaa as the Chairman of the ESUT Governing Board and Ekwochi as the Provost of ESUT College of Medicine. The appointments are expected to enhance the leadership and governance in the respective institutions.

Nigerian wrestlers produced six gold medals in the wrestling event at the African Games. Their outstanding performance showcased the talent and skill of Nigerian wrestlers on the international stage.

FCT remains insecure and dirty despite efforts to deliver projects for Tinubu's one-year anniversary. The lack of security and cleanliness in the capital city raises concerns about the government's priorities and ability to govern effectively.

There are reports that the alleged disbandment of NBA-SPIDEL is false. A lawyer has clarified that the news of the disbandment is inaccurate and that the association is still active.

Former Minister of Health, Arc. (Chief) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku, has passed away at the age of 80. His contributions to the health sector in Nigeria are being remembered and celebrated.

A video has emerged showing the moment Senator Ningi was led out of the Senate chamber after his suspension. The incident has sparked discussions and debates about parliamentary procedures and discipline.

The CNPP and CSOs insist on a thorough investigation of the 2024 budget padding allegations. They are calling for accountability and transparency in the budgetary processes to ensure the efficient use of public funds.

The NDPC and SMEDAN have signed an MoU to boost data protection among 40 million SMEs in Nigeria. The collaboration aims to enhance the security and privacy of data in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lere LGA in Nigeria is in dire need of electricity infrastructure. The lack of electricity hampers development and affects the quality of life of the residents.

Can Nigeria's economy be liberated? This is a question being explored and debated by experts and stakeholders in the country. There is a need for comprehensive economic reforms to address the challenges and unleash the potential of Nigeria's economy.

On International Women's Day, NEXIM Bank called for more investments in women. They emphasized the important role women play in economic development and urged for policies and initiatives that support women entrepreneurs.

A suspected cattle rustler has been arrested in Benue State. The arrest is part of ongoing efforts to curb criminal activities, particularly those related to cattle rustling in the state.

Deputy Governor Shaibu has denied being served an impeachment notice ahead of the Edo Guber. He dismissed the allegations as baseless and politically motivated.

Governor Wike has assured foreigners that the FCT is safe and free for conducting business. He highlighted the security measures put in place to protect the lives and properties of residents and visitors.

The new leadership of FMBN and FHA have been tasked with addressing the housing deficit and other challenges in the sector. They are expected to bring fresh ideas and initiatives to drive affordable housing development in Nigeria.

New allegations have arisen against Emefiele, the CBN governor, involving contracts awarded to his wife. An official investigator uncovered these contracts, raising concerns about conflict of interest and transparency in the institution.

Governor Namadi has reduced working hours for workers during the 2024 Ramadan period. The move is aimed at allowing workers to observe their religious obligations while ensuring productivity in the public sector.

Wike met with the Polish ambassador and assured him that Abuja is safe and a desirable destination for visitors. He highlighted the city's diverse attractions and potential for tourism and business opportunities.

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