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Fri, Sep 8, 2023 4:40 PM

Supporting the Nigerian Police Force: A Call for Collaboration and Empowerment

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Supporting the Nigerian Police Force: A Call for Collaboration and Empowerment
Dr Sherif Lawal, a United Nations Peace Ambassador, urges public office holders and politicians in Nigeria to financially support the Nigerian Police Force in its efforts to safeguard citizens and properties. He emphasizes that collaboration and empowerment are essential in addressing crimes and promoting peace.

The Nigerian Police Force plays a vital role in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and ensuring the security of properties. However, the Force faces numerous challenges due to limited resources and inadequate support from public office holders and politicians. To address this issue, Dr Sherif Lawal, a United Nations Peace Ambassador, has called for increased financial support for the Nigerian Police Force.

Dr Lawal asserts that the men and women of the police force deserve respect and assistance from all sectors of society. Collaborating with the police and empowering them will lead to unprecedented improvements in crime prevention and control. He highlights the correlation between the rise in crimes and the corrupt tendencies of politicians, stating that their quest for quick wealth accumulation contributes to the increased prevalence of criminal activities.

Ambassador Lawal, speaking at the International Association of World Peace Advocates in Abuja, emphasizes that supporting the police is not only a national obligation but a global responsibility. He believes that any support given to police forces worldwide contributes to promoting peace universally.

"The police are humans like everyone else, and their effectiveness depends heavily on the facilities and equipment at their disposal," says Dr Lawal. "By supporting the police, we provide them with the necessary tools to improve security, apprehend criminals, and confiscate their ill-gotten wealth."

Recognizing the need for solidarity, Dr Lawal calls upon the paramilitary agencies to join forces with the Nigerian Police Force. Collaboration among these security agencies will enhance their collective abilities to combat crime effectively. Furthermore, the Peace Ambassador urges public office holders and politicians to empower the police to carry out their duties efficiently.

Ambassador Sherif Lawal's passionate advocacy for peace and his significant contributions to the promotion of peace in Katsina State are commended. He was honored at the event as a Peace Ambassador.

Echoing Dr Lawal's sentiments, Ambassador Pep Stafsen emphasizes that policing is a necessity for the peace and safety of humanity. He pledges the association's commitment to supporting the welfare of the police, recognizing them as heroes in the pursuit of peace.

In conclusion, collaboration and empowerment of the Nigerian Police Force are crucial in addressing the nation's security challenges. Public office holders and politicians must allocate necessary resources and support to enable the police to carry out their duties effectively. By investing in the police force, we invest in the security and well-being of our communities, while promoting peace locally and globally.

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