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Beware of Fake Certificates for Nigeria Drivers Licence, Driving School Association Warns

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Beware of Fake Certificates for Nigeria Drivers Licence, Driving School Association Warns
The Driving School Association of Nigeria (DSAN) has issued a warning to the motoring public about the use of fake certificates to obtain Nigeria Drivers Licence. The association highlights the importance of the Driving School Standardization Programme (DSSP) introduced by FRSC to reduce road crashes and eliminate fake licenses. Chief Olusola Daniel Agidi, President of DSAN, points out the existence of unscrupulous individuals involved in manipulating the DSSP certificates and calls for urgent action to tackle this issue.

The Driving School Association of Nigeria (DSAN) has raised concern over the prevalence of fake certificates being used to process Nigeria Drivers Licence. In a press statement released by Chief Olusola Daniel Agidi, the President of DSAN, the motoring public is urged to be cautious and avoid carrying fake certificates.

The warning is in response to the introduction of the Driving School Standardization Programme (DSSP) by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in February 2010. The DSSP is a mandatory requirement for fresh driver's license applicants, who are required to register with an accredited FRSC Driving School to undergo the prescribed training.

According to the statement, the primary objective of the DSSP is to enhance road safety by improving the quality of driver training and eradicating the production of fake licenses. The biometrics of the applicant, including their passport photograph, are captured during the training process.

Highlighting the security features of the Nigeria Drivers Licence, Chief Olusola emphasizes its validity and acceptance in other countries such as the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He states that the license can be used to drive for a short period, similar to licenses from these countries.

However, Chief Olusola reveals that some unscrupulous individuals have been manipulating the DSSP certificate by fraudulently writing the Computer Based Test (CBT) on behalf of applicants. The fake certificates with the applicant's photograph are then presented to FRSC personnel during the license capturing process.

Chief Olusola expresses concern over the involvement of some FRSC personnel, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), Internal Revenue Service staff, and even driving school operators in these fraudulent activities. He calls for action to be taken to apprehend and bring the culprits to justice.

The president of DSAN suggests a tighter integration between the Driving School CBT and the Driver's License portal to prevent the use of fake certificates. He warns that if the loophole is not addressed promptly, the value of the Nigeria Drivers Licence may suffer internationally.

In conclusion, the DSAN appeals to the Department of State Services (DSS), FRSC Intelligent Officers, and the Nigeria Police to collaborate and pursue those involved in the production and use of fake certificates. The association emphasizes that maintaining a transparent licensing process is crucial for ensuring road safety in Nigeria.

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