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Sat, Sep 2, 2023 5:35 PM

Kogi 'll Deliver Ododo for APC in Landslide Victory - Yahaya Bello

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Kogi 'll Deliver Ododo for APC in Landslide Victory - Yahaya Bello
The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria plans to establish offices in all 8,813 wards across the country. They also aim at creating a National Institute of Progressive Study. The party believes in the power of progressivism as a political ideology and wants to improve the lives of Nigerians through political action and social reform. Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state expressed confidence that the APC will secure a landslide victory in the upcoming election.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is gearing up for the forthcoming election in Kogi state with a strong determination to secure a landslide victory. The party, led by Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, is leaving no stone unturned as it plans to establish functional offices in all 8,813 wards across Nigeria.

One of the major aims of this initiative is to bring symbolic representation of the party closer to the people. It will enable party members to have a tangible presence in their neighborhoods and provide a platform for active interaction between members and party leaders at different levels of government.

The APC believes in the progressive ideology as a means to improve the lives of Nigerians. To further advance this cause, the party is in the process of establishing a National Institute of Progressive Study. This institution will focus on integrating progressive-minded politicians into the substance, orientation, and practice of progressive ideology and political best practices.

The party's vision is to institutionalize the progressive ideology in the Nigerian political space. By producing graduates from the National Institute of Progressive Study, the APC aims to populate the political landscape with truly progressive-minded politicians, setting itself apart from other parties with a more power-centric focus.

During the inauguration ceremony of the Kogi state National Gubernatorial Campaign Council, Governor Ganduje called on all APC members and stakeholders to rally around the party's governorship candidate in the state. The governor emphasized that sustaining the legacy projects and ensuring continuity in governance can only be achieved through unity and collective effort.

Governor Yahaya Bello, expressing his gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other party leaders, assured everyone that victory is within reach. He stated that there is no contest against the APC in Kogi state, confidently asserting that the upcoming election will result in a landslide victory for the party.

The chairman of the Kogi Gubernatorial National Campaign Council and Ogun state governor, Dapo Abiodun, commended the party's leadership and pledged that his team would deliver the expected victory. He assured party members that the campaign would be issue-based, prioritizing constructive dialogue and addressing the needs and aspirations of the people of Kogi state.

The APC's commitment to grassroots engagement and progressive reforms is evident in their initiatives. With a strong campaign team and a united front, the party is set to make significant strides towards achieving their goals. The November 11th election in Kogi state will undoubtedly serve as a litmus test for the party's efforts to solidify its position and lead Nigeria towards prosperity and development.

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