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News Summary of September 2, 2023 in Nigeria

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News Summary of September 2, 2023 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

Four siblings tragically lost their lives in a building collapse in Enugu. The incident has caused shock and sadness in the community.

In a surprising move, the Governor of Kano has appointed 115 new aides. The governor provided a reason for the appointments, though specific details were not mentioned.

In an effort to stem rural-urban drift, the Delta state government is working on connecting communities. The aim is to provide opportunities and amenities in rural areas to discourage migration to cities.

The Governor of Oyo state has approved the selection of a new Soun (traditional ruler) for the community. The announcement has been well-received, and the new Soun is expected to serve the community effectively.

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has appointed a new managing director. The new appointment is expected to bring improved leadership and service to the company.

The President of Nigeria has recalled ambassadors worldwide. The reason for this decision is not clear, but it is expected to lead to changes in diplomatic appointments.

The Delta state government has set a target of enrolling 100,000 new contributors to its contributory health scheme. This initiative aims to provide healthcare coverage to more people in the state.

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has declared a two-day warning strike to protest economic hardship in the country. The strike is expected to draw attention to the challenges faced by workers and the general population.

The Nigerian government has addressed concerns of a possible coup and expressed confidence in the country's stability. The government stated its commitment to democracy and urged citizens to remain calm.

The recently held local government elections in Edo state have been commended by Governor Obaseki. The governor expressed satisfaction with the voter turnout and the conduct of the elections.

The Nigerian Air Force is making strides in its operations and capabilities. The force is working towards improved performance and is focused on protecting the country's airspace.

A Representative in the Nigerian House of Representatives has donated a new administrative building to a federal cooperative college. The gesture aims to improve the college's infrastructure and enhance its educational activities.

Security agencies in Lagos are intensifying efforts to tackle the proliferation of arms in the state. This initiative is aimed at reducing crime and ensuring the safety of residents.

A Lebanese community in Nigeria has offered a Master of Business Administration (MBA) scholarship to a young graduate. This gesture demonstrates the commitment of the community to supporting education in the country.

The Speaker of the Delta state House of Assembly has emphasized the importance of practical education in reducing Nigeria's import dependence. He believes that practical skills development can drive economic growth and reduce reliance on foreign goods.

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka has responded to critics who claim that the Isese traditional religion is at war with other beliefs. Soyinka states that Isese promotes tolerance and respect for others' beliefs.

Nigeria has called for international support to tackle terrorism in the country. The government is seeking collaboration and assistance from the international community to address the security challenges it faces.

President Tinubu is recalling Nigeria's ambassadors worldwide, signaling upcoming changes in diplomatic appointments. The recall is part of the president's efforts to reassess Nigeria's foreign relations and improve its diplomatic representation.

Governor Obaseki of Edo state has mourned the passing of Senator Alimikhena's wife. The governor expressed condolences and sympathy to the senator and his family.

Tension rose as gunmen invaded an estate belonging to Governor El-Rufai and abducted a resident. The incident highlights the security challenges faced by the country and the need for improved security measures.

The Governor of Niger state has declared public holidays and announced over N5 billion for palliatives. The aim is to provide relief and support to the people of the state during challenging times.

A foundation has provided assistance to 30 widows and 30 vulnerable children, partnering with the Oyo state government to empower them. The collaboration aims to improve the lives of marginalized individuals and families.

The Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX) believes that financial literacy is key to curbing the rising issue of unclaimed dividends. Educating investors about their rights and entitlements can lead to more active participation in financial markets.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has arrested two individuals in connection with the rape of minors. The arrests demonstrate the law enforcement agency's commitment to protecting vulnerable members of society.

Khalil Suleiman Halilu, a 32-year-old appointee, has been chosen by Tinubu for a new role. This appointment highlights Tinubu's commitment to involving young individuals in leadership positions.

Another building collapse in Enugu has resulted in the tragic deaths of four siblings. The incident has raised concerns about the state of infrastructure and safety in the area.

There are calls to suspend British Airways and Virgin Atlantic's operations in Nigeria due to lack of reciprocity. The call is based on allegations that the airlines have not been granting landing rights to some Nigerian airlines.

The Governor of Borno state, Zulum, has been honored by Nigeria's Social Media Institute for his efforts in promoting good governance and using social media effectively.

In a surprising turn of events, villagers in Zamfara state have abducted the families of bandits, retaliating against their activities. This incident highlights the desperation and frustration of communities affected by insecurity.

In Abia state, Governor Otti has sacked several civil servants and cited corruption and inefficiency as reasons. The move is part of efforts to streamline the state's civil service and improve service delivery.

The Abuja Municipal Area Council has introduced a park and pay policy in the Federal Capital Territory. This initiative aims to regulate parking and generate revenue for the council.

Gunmen have killed seven worshippers in Kaduna state. The incident underscores the security challenges faced by the country and the need for improved protection of citizens.

President Tinubu's recall of Nigeria's ambassadors worldwide indicates forthcoming diplomatic changes. The president's decision is expected to lead to new appointments and reassignments.

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