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Wed, Aug 23, 2023 10:50 PM

Children at IDP Camp in Benue Hit by Measles Cases Rise to Ten

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Children at IDP Camp in Benue Hit by Measles Cases Rise to Ten
The number of measles cases among children at the Agagbe IDP camp in Benue state has risen to ten. Despite the increase in cases, the children have not received any medical treatment and are relying on herbal mixtures. Officials from the National Agency for the Control of HIV and Aids (NACA) and the European Economic Community (EEC) visited the camp to assess the situation. However, medication has not yet been made available for the affected children.

Makurdi - The number of children at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Benue state hit by measles has increased to ten, according to reports from the Agagbe IDP camp in the Gwer West Local Government Area (LGA).

Although the number of cases rose from six to ten, the children at the camp are still awaiting medical assistance and are currently relying on herbal remedies to manage the disease.

Officials from the National Agency for the Control of HIV and Aids (NACA) and representatives from the European Economic Community (EEC) recently arrived at the camp to assess the situation. The EEC Volunteer took pictures of the affected children, collected vital statistics, and interviewed them about when they contracted the disease.

As of today, Wednesday, the ten children affected by measles consist of five boys and five girls. However, the necessary medication has not yet been made available to treat the infected children, further prolonging their suffering.

A representative from the NACA office in the state also visited the camp to authenticate the reports they received regarding the dire conditions. The official particularly interviewed a woman who gave birth in the toilet, probing into the reasons she didn't seek medical attention before resorting to such an unhygienic setting.

The situation at the Agagbe IDP camp is dire, with measles cases among children posing a significant health challenge. Immediate action should be taken to provide the necessary medical intervention to prevent further spread and adverse outcomes.

The outbreak of measles highlights the vulnerability of the IDP camp residents, who already face the hardship of displacement. The lack of access to healthcare facilities and essential medications further exacerbates their suffering.

The government, healthcare authorities, and relevant stakeholders need to swiftly respond to the situation in order to prevent the disease from spreading and causing serious complications among the children at the camp.

The children affected by measles require urgent medical attention and appropriate treatment to ensure their speedy recovery. Community health workers and healthcare providers should be mobilized to address the situation promptly.

The incident at the Agagbe IDP camp in Benue state serves as a stark reminder of the health challenges faced by displaced populations in Nigeria. It also highlights the need for continued efforts to improve healthcare infrastructure, accessibility, and the provision of essential medicines in such camps.

The government and humanitarian organizations working in the field of IDPs and healthcare should collaborate closely to mitigate the health risks faced by these vulnerable populations, particularly children, who are most susceptible to diseases.

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