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Sat, Aug 26, 2023 7:05 PM

Medical Doctor Abducted for Over a Month Finally Released by Kidnappers

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Medical Doctor Abducted for Over a Month Finally Released by Kidnappers
After enduring 33 days of captivity, Dr. Asema Msuega, a medical doctor who was abducted in Benue State, has finally been released. The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) confirmed the release of their colleague and subsequently called off the indefinite strike they had embarked on in protest of his abduction. Dr. Msuega's release was facilitated by the pursuit of security agencies involved in Operation Zenda.

After 33 days of fear and uncertainty, the medical community is rejoicing as news broke of the release of Dr. Asema Msuega, a respected medical doctor who was abducted in Benue State. The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), which had been actively involved in negotiating for his release, confirmed the news and expressed their gratitude to everyone who played a role in securing his freedom.

The abduction of Dr. Msuega sent shockwaves through the medical profession and the wider community. He was taken captive on July 23rd, 2023, while on duty in the Ukum local government area. The abductors, believed to be armed gunmen, held him against his will for over a month, ignoring pleas from his loved ones and the NMA for his release.

The breakthrough came on Friday night, August 25th, 2023, when security agencies, spearheaded by Operation Zenda led by CSP Justine Gberindyer, closed in on the abductors' hideout near the Ayati-Imade Adamu Shitile border axis of Ukum local government area. Faced with the imminent arrival of the security forces, the captors fled, leaving behind their prisoner.

Dr. Msuega's release prompted the NMA to call off the indefinite strike they had commenced earlier in response to his abduction. The association held an Emergency General Meeting on Saturday, August 26th, 2023, to formally suspend the strike. Members were instructed to resume their duties immediately, with the exception of doctors working in Ukum local government, who were advised to wait for further instructions.

The NMA expressed gratitude to various individuals and organizations who played significant roles in securing Dr. Msuega's release. These included Governor Hyacinth Alia, the Tor Tiv, Orciviligh Prof James Ayatse, and other political representatives and security agencies. The efforts of these stakeholders were instrumental in ensuring the safe return of Dr. Msuega to his loved ones.

The release of Dr. Msuega brings a sense of relief and hope to the medical community, which had rallied behind him during his time in captivity. Throughout the ordeal, his colleagues never wavered in their commitment to his cause, showcasing the strength and unity within the medical profession.

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