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NCC Commended for Telecom Consumer Protection Initiatives

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NCC Commended for Telecom Consumer Protection Initiatives
The Lamido of Adamawa has commended the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for its telecom consumer protection initiatives. The recent Village Square Dialogue, held in Yola, provided an opportunity for consumers to get their questions answered by the regulator. The Lamido urged the NCC to focus on reducing the cost of telecom services and ensuring availability across all communities in the country.

In a remarkable move to protect the rights of the Nigerian telecom consumers, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has received commendations from the Lamido of Adamawa, Dr. Muhammadu Mustapha. The NCC's recent engagement with telecom consumers, known as the Village Square Dialogue (VSD), held in Yola, Adamawa State, was praised for bringing consumers and the regulator together to address telecom-related issues.

Representing the Lamido Adamawa at the Consumer Conversation programme, Prof. Abubakar Tahir expressed gratitude to the NCC for its continuous efforts in consumer education and enlightenment. He acknowledged the NCC's commitment to providing consumer information and bringing the initiative to Adamawa State. "The NCC leadership has taken the issue of consumer information very central," he said, emphasizing the significance of the event for individuals and businesses alike.

Prof. Abubakar Tahir also advised the Commission to explore avenues for further reduction in the cost of telecom services. He called for improved availability, ensuring that all communities in Nigeria can benefit from affordable, quality, and accessible telecommunications services. The Lamido of Adamawa's advice resonates with the ongoing efforts of the NCC to enhance telecom services across the country.

During the event, the Director of Consumer Affairs at NCC, Alkasim Umar, affirmed the Commission's commitment to protecting and educating telecom consumers. Umar highlighted some of the consumer-centric initiatives undertaken by the NCC. One of the recent initiatives is the introduction of harmonized shortcodes, allowing telecom consumers to access various services across all networks conveniently.

In addition to the shortcodes, Umar reminded telecom consumers about the availability of toll-free number 622 for lodging complaints with the NCC. He also mentioned the emergency number 112, which provides assistance during critical situations, and the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) shortcode 2442 to block unsolicited messages. These measures aim to empower consumers by providing them with avenues to report issues and seek timely assistance.

Umar stressed the essential role of information and education in protecting the interests and rights of telecom consumers. With the rapid growth of the digital world, telecommunication services have become integral to daily life. Ensuring that consumers are well-informed, informed, and empowered through adequate information and enlightenment becomes paramount.

The Village Square Dialogue serves as a medium for face-to-face interaction between the NCC, service providers, and consumers. By organizing events like the VSD, the NCC strengthens its commitment to consumer protection and transparent communication. These initiatives fill the gap in consumer awareness, ensuring fair practices and improved telecom services for the Nigerian populace.

Consumers' knowledge about their rights, privileges, and expectations regarding telecom businesses is vital. It fosters a healthy consumer-service provider relationship and drives the telecom industry towards greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. With continuous engagement and collaboration, the NCC aims to build a resilient telecom sector in Nigeria, addressing consumer concerns and fostering a digitally inclusive nation.

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