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Wed, Aug 9, 2023 10:50 PM

Importance of Completing the East-West Road for Economic Development

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Importance of Completing the East-West Road for Economic Development
Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori emphasizes the vital role of completing the East-West road in the economic development of the oil-rich Niger Delta Region. Despite numerous attempts to finish the road, it remains in a bad state. The Governor calls for urgent attention to be given to the region, which contributes significantly to the nation's wealth. Senate Adhoc Committee led by Senator Abdul Ningi is conducting a fact-finding mission to determine why the road has not been completed despite the substantial funds allocated.

The East-West road, a crucial link connecting the South-South, South-East, and Western parts of Nigeria, plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the oil-rich Niger Delta Region. However, despite several attempts to complete the road, it continues to languish in a deplorable state, causing immense hindrance to the region's progress.

Recognizing the significance of this critical infrastructure, Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, hosted the Senate Adhoc Committee, led by Senator Abdul Ningi, at the Government House in Asaba. Governor Oborevwori stressed the urgent need to prioritize the completion of the East-West road, considering the immense contributions of the Niger Delta Region to the nation's wealth.

The Governor expressed his satisfaction with the appointments of trustworthy individuals like Senator Adams Oshiomhole to the committee. He acknowledged that, in the past, adhoc committees sometimes lacked effectiveness but expressed optimism that this team would work diligently to address the road's challenges.

"We, in this region, have contributed significantly to the nation's growth, and it is only fair that attention is paid to our needs. The completion of the East-West road is of utmost importance to us," Governor Oborevwori remarked.

Highlighting the convergence of oil-producing and agrarian states in the region, the Governor further emphasized the potential benefits of completing the East-West road. Enhanced transportation infrastructure will facilitate the movement of goods and people, boost economic activities, and improve the overall livelihoods of residents.

Senator Abdul Ningi, leading the Senate Adhoc Committee, congratulated Governor Oborevwori on his recent election victory and lauded his commitment to prompt action. The committee's fact-finding mission aims to unravel the reasons behind the repeated failures to complete the road, despite significant funds allocated and disbursed.

Underscoring the road's strategic importance, Senator Ningi emphasized that the East-West road is a critical infrastructure spanning the South-South geopolitical zone. He noted that the project's continued delays have adverse effects on the region's economy and the well-being of its inhabitants.

"This road is far too important to suffer neglect. We will conduct an extensive evaluation of the entire stretch and engage with stakeholders to identify the missing link and facilitate its completion," Senator Ningi stated.

The completion of the East-West road would not only enhance connectivity within and across regions but also serve as a catalyst for overall economic growth. It would unlock the enormous potential of the Niger Delta Region and stimulate investment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas, and tourism.

Furthermore, efficient transportation infrastructure would attract businesses, generate employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty in the region. The improved connectivity would facilitate trade and commerce, reducing the cost of transportation and promoting regional integration.

The visit of the Senate Adhoc Committee to the Niger Delta Region offers hope for a long-awaited solution. Governor Oborevwori urged the committee to expedite their investigation and inspection, aiming to commence work on the road in the forthcoming dry season.

Completing the East-West road is an urgent priority, not just for the Niger Delta Region but for the nation as a whole. It is a powerful symbol of the government's commitment to equitable development and ensuring that vital infrastructure projects receive the attention they deserve.

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