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Wed, Jul 12, 2023 9:20 PM

IBEDC announces upgrade of prepaid meters to enhance efficiency

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IBEDC announces upgrade of prepaid meters to enhance efficiency
The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc. has announced the upcoming upgrade of its prepaid meters to enhance efficiency and align with global standards. The upgrade, known as Token Identification (TID) Rollover, aims to ensure seamless operation and customer satisfaction. IBEDC will provide Key Change Tokens (KCT) for a smooth transition, enabling customers to upgrade their meters without any impact on current electricity tariffs.

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc. has announced the upcoming upgrade of its Standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid meters. The upgrade, known as Token Identification (TID) Rollover, is set to enhance the efficiency of the meters and align them with global standards, ensuring continued seamless operation while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Mr Kingsley Achife, the Managing Director of IBEDC, made the disclosure in a statement released on Wednesday in Ibadan. He stated that the upgrade would take effect from August 1, 2023.

The TID Rollover upgrade involves integrating a global software update into STS meters, making them compatible with the new protocol. The upgrade is imperative as, starting from November 24, 2024, all STS meters worldwide will cease to accept old credit tokens without the necessary meter upgrade.

To facilitate a smooth transition, IBEDC will provide its prepaid meter customers with Key Change Tokens (KCT) alongside their regular energy tokens when purchasing electricity. The KCT serves as a special reset token and is crucial for the successful completion of the meter upgrade process.

It is important for customers to note that the upgrade process is free and will not have any impact on the current electricity tariff. During the mandatory upgrade period, customers must ensure they upgrade their prepaid meters by sequentially entering the two KCT tokens (KCT 1 and KCT 2), followed by the energy token provided by IBEDC.

Effective from August 1, 2023, old credit tokens will become obsolete. Customers must ensure that any unused or previously purchased energy tokens are loaded into their meters before this date to avoid inconvenience.

IBEDC assures its customers that the credit unit balance on the meter will remain intact after the upgrade. It is a one-time process, and subsequent energy token purchases will continue as usual once the upgrade is completed.

To support customers throughout the transition, IBEDC's field officers will be available to assist and monitor compliance. In case a meter fails to load energy tokens following the KCT upgrade, customers are advised to promptly contact IBEDC's customer care via phone, email, or WhatsApp.

Customers can also visit the dedicated IBEDC webpage to access comprehensive information and step-by-step instructions for upgrading their meters.

With this upgrade, IBEDC aims to enhance the efficiency and functionality of prepaid meters while ensuring a seamless experience for its valued customers.

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