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Nigeria Medical Association Calls On Government to Combat Flooding Crisis

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Nigeria Medical Association Calls On Government to Combat Flooding Crisis
The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has called on the government to take immediate action to address the ongoing flooding crisis in the country. The association urges the activation of emergency preparedness measures, including disilting drainages and assisting people living in flood-prone areas to relocate to safer grounds. While appreciating the recent salary review for medical professionals, the NMA also requests an upward review of allowances and emphasizes the need for government palliative measures to combat inflation and assist the common man. The NMA further highlights the importance of addressing insecurity as a means to economic recovery and urges the Cross River government to intensify efforts in securing the release of abducted medical professional Ekanem Philip-Ephraim.

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) is sounding an alarm for immediate action to combat the escalating flooding crisis in the country. The association's President, Uche Rowland Ojinmah, addressed reporters in Owerri after the NMA's National Executive Council meeting, urging President Bola Tinubu and the government at all levels to prioritize emergency preparedness measures.

With heavy rains and visible signs of flooding, the NMA emphasizes the need for the government to take swift action. Areas prone to flooding should receive adequate attention, including the disilting of drainages and the removal of barricades from flood drains. The NMA also calls for assistance from the government to help citizens living in flood-prone areas relocate to safer grounds.

Expressing gratitude for the recent salary review for medical professionals, Ojinmah draws attention to the timeline of the agreement implementation. Highlighting the fuel subsidy removal and subsequent escalation, the NMA requests a new demand for the upward review of allowances. Additionally, the NMA urges seamless implementation of the new minimum wage and consequential adjustments, ensuring fair compensation for healthcare workers.

Addressing the current state of the economy, the NMA calls on the government to provide palliative measures for Nigerians affected by soaring inflation and rising food prices. Emphasizing the importance of targeted distribution, the NMA urges the release of palliative resources to reach the common man and contribute to their survival.

Recognizing the inseparable connection between security and economic recovery, the NMA appeals to the government to prioritize efforts in stamping out widespread insecurity. Insecurity remains a significant obstacle to both the well-being of citizens and medical professionals, contributing to a concerning brain drain in the healthcare sector.

An important call from the NMA extends to the government of Cross River state, urging intensified efforts in securing the release of abducted medical professional, Ekanem Philip-Ephraim. Highlighting the anguish of both family and colleagues, the NMA pleads with the abductors to show mercy and release their captive, hoping for a safe return.

The Nigeria Medical Association's calls for immediate action in combating the flooding crisis, as well as addressing various concerns of healthcare workers, demonstrate the commitment of the organization to the well-being of the nation's citizens and the sustainability of the healthcare sector.

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