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Women in Energy Oil and Gas Launch Exclusive Business Directory in Lagos

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Women in Energy Oil and Gas Launch Exclusive Business Directory in Lagos
The Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG), Lagos Chapter, has launched an exclusive business directory to address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Nigeria's male-dominated energy sector. The directory aims to provide tailored solutions, resources, and networking opportunities for women-owned businesses, empowering them to thrive in a volatile economy.

Lagos - The Women in Energy Oil and Gas (WEOG), Lagos Chapter, has taken a significant step towards empowering women entrepreneurs in Nigeria's male-dominated energy sector. In response to the pronounced challenges faced by women-owned businesses, WEOG Lagos has launched an exclusive business directory.

The directory seeks to address the substantial financial difficulties experienced by women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, mainly attributed to the volatile nature of the Nigerian economy. Women-owned businesses often find themselves at the mercy of an unpredictable market, exacerbating their challenges. Additionally, a noticeable gap in financial management skills among women entrepreneurs has been identified by WEOG Lagos.

Recognizing these hurdles, WEOG Lagos aims to provide tailored solutions and resources to empower women-owned businesses. By understanding the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs in their day-to-day operations, the organization seeks to equip them not only to survive but to thrive in the energy sector.

The new business directory is a comprehensive tool designed to support and uplift women entrepreneurs. It goes beyond listing businesses; it also provides essential resources, training opportunities, and networking platforms. The directory serves as a one-stop solution for women seeking guidance, mentorship, and collaborations within the energy, oil, and gas sector.

"It's more than just a listing; it's a tool, a resource, and a community," said Joan Faluyi, the Managing Director of Offshore Dimensions and Chapter Director of WEOG Lagos. With its user-friendly features, the directory aims to provide women entrepreneurs with every possible advantage.

The announcement of the business directory has been met with immense enthusiasm, as many see it as a step in the right direction in addressing the challenges faced by women-owned businesses in Nigeria's energy sector. Adejumoke Oyedun, MD/CEO of ACME Multitech Services Limited and Deputy Chapter Director of WEOG Lagos, emphasized the long-overdue nature of such initiatives.

"It's high time initiatives like these were introduced. For too long, women-owned businesses in the energy, oil, and gas sector have been marginalized. This directory could be a game-changer," remarked Oyedun.

Nnenna Maduabum, MD at Numad Energy Integrated Services Limited and External Relationships Director of WEOG Lagos, stated that the organization's efforts go beyond merely leveling the playing field. The business directory, along with other initiatives, aims to redefine the industry's landscape for women entrepreneurs.

Lucy Okeke, Head Environment Community and Sustainability at NMDPRA and Chapter Secretary of WEOG Lagos, expressed optimism about the future for women-owned businesses in the energy, oil, and gas sector. With initiatives like the business directory, women entrepreneurs are increasingly poised to succeed in the industry.

The launch of the business directory by WEOG Lagos marks a crucial milestone in empowering women entrepreneurs within Nigeria's male-dominated energy sector. By addressing financial challenges, providing resources, and fostering a supportive community, the directory is expected to positively impact women-owned businesses and contribute to their overall success in this vital industry.

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