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News Summary of September 5, 2023 in Nigeria

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News Summary of September 5, 2023 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

"Accountants in Niger state have been encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship as a way to enhance their professional practice and contribute to the development of the state's economy. This call was made by the Chairman of the Niger State Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Mr. Francis Ionu, during the branch's Annual Dinner and Awards Night."

"Ugochinyere, the former National Publicity Secretary of the Youth Wing of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has called on the Federal Government to intervene and save Ideato Constituency in Imo State from extinction. He stated that the people of Ideato Constituency have been marginalized and excluded from political decision-making processes."

"Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has urged the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries in the state to be beacons of light and support his administration's efforts to reshape the state. He emphasized the need for them to fulfill their responsibilities with utmost diligence and integrity."

"Workers in Nigeria have gone on strike to protest the increasing cost of living in the country. The strike has been organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and has led to the disruption of activities in various sectors across the country. The workers are demanding an improvement in their living conditions."

"An expert in Nigeria has called on the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, to encourage the government of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in addressing the issue of rising consumer inflation. The expert highlighted the negative impact of inflation on the purchasing power of Nigerians and urged the government to take proactive measures to address the issue."

"The Abia State Government is committed to creating an enabling environment for women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the development of the state. This was disclosed by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Diaspora Matters, Mrs. Ngozi Otti, who highlighted the government's efforts in empowering women in various sectors."

"The military and police in Nigeria have issued a strong warning to protesters following the judgment of the Presidential Tribunal. The warning comes amidst concerns of potential unrest and security threats in the country. The security agencies have vowed to maintain law and order and protect the lives and properties of citizens."

"The Kano State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has joined the nationwide warning strike to demand better living conditions for workers. The strike has led to the disruption of activities in various parts of the state, as workers protest against the high cost of living and the deteriorating economic situation."

"EatN’Go Africa, a leading quick service restaurant in Nigeria, has partnered with Slum2School Africa, a non-profit organization, to empower less privileged children. The partnership aims to provide educational opportunities and support to children living in marginalized communities, with the goal of improving their overall well-being and future prospects."

"The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has commenced a two-day warning strike, which has resulted in the blocking of the entrance to the Edo State Tribunal. The strike is part of the nationwide action organized by the NLC to demand better living conditions and an improvement in workers' welfare."

"Workers in Kogi State have joined the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) warning strike, demanding a reversal of the reforms implemented by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. The strike has led to the disruption of activities in various sectors, with workers demanding better living conditions and an end to the high cost of living."

"The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) has unveiled a plan to expand its healthcare intervention across the country. The plan is aimed at improving access to quality healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas. The NSIA's intervention in infrastructure development has also excited the House of Representatives Committee on Health Institutions."

"Banks in Lagos have defied the directive of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to withdraw services during the warning strike. The banks remained open and continued to provide services to customers, despite the strike. The NLC had called for the withdrawal of services as part of the nationwide action to demand better living conditions for workers"

"The Borno State Government has raised concerns over the proliferation of lottery houses in the state. According to the government, the lottery houses are operating without proper licenses and are engaged in fraudulent activities. The government has called for the regulation and oversight of the lottery industry to prevent exploitation and fraud."

"Videos have emerged showing the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and workers engaged in a fight in Ondo State during the warning strike. The videos depict a chaotic scene as the NLC and workers clash over the strike action. The NLC had called for the strike to demand better living conditions and an improvement in workers' welfare."

"The National Pension Commission (PenCom) has called on individuals to desist from using agents to obtain pension certificates. This call comes as part of efforts to curb fraudulent practices in the pension industry. The PenCom emphasized the need for individuals to directly interact with the commission to obtain genuine pension certificates."

"Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a former Governor of Lagos State, has revealed the number of months he wants the military junta in Niger to remain in power. Tinubu expressed his support for the junta and called for their continuation in power for a specified period. His statement has sparked debate and discussions on the political future of Niger."

"Arbeiders in Nigeria hebben het werk neergelegd om te protesteren tegen de stijgende kosten van levensonderhoud na de afschaffing van de subsidie op gas. De staking is georganiseerd door het Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) en heeft geleid tot verstoring van activiteiten in verschillende sectoren in het hele land. De arbeiders eisen verbeterde levensomstandigheden."

"Eze Ohazulike's New Yam Festival in Lagos will be chaired by Ubochi, the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Anambra State. The festival, which is one of the major cultural events in the Igbo calendar, celebrates the harvest of yam and showcases the cultural heritage of the Igbo people. The event is expected to attract participants from different parts of Nigeria and beyond."

"Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a socio-cultural organization representing the Igbo people, will be honoring prominent Igbo leaders, including Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, during the Igbo Day Celebration. The event aims to celebrate Igbo culture and heritage and recognize the contributions of Igbo leaders to the development of Nigeria. It will feature various cultural displays and activities."

"The University of Maiduguri Alumni Association in Nigeria has paid the medical bills of 51 patients as part of the activities to celebrate the 57th birthday of Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State. The Alumni Association expressed its commitment to supporting the healthcare needs of the people and contributing to the development of the state."

"Nigerian workers have gone on strike again to demand the reversal of the reforms implemented by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. The strike, organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has led to the disruption of activities in various sectors across the country. The workers are demanding an improvement in their living conditions and an end to the high cost of living."

"The warning strike organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has recorded partial compliance. While some government offices and institutions complied with the strike, others remained open and continued their activities. The strike is part of the nationwide action to demand improved living conditions for workers."

"Charterhouse, a renowned educational institution in the United Kingdom, has opened its first African school in Lagos, Nigeria. The school aims to provide quality education to Nigerian students and contribute to the development of the education sector in the country. Charterhouse brings its global experience and expertise to provide a world-class learning environment for students."

"The Nigerian Army has uncovered 12 active illegal oil refinery sites in an Urhobo community in Delta State. This discovery came as part of the army's efforts to combat oil theft and illegal refining operations in the Niger Delta region. The army has vowed to sustain its anti-illegal oil refining operations and restore peace and security in the region."

"A group in Nigeria has urged the federal government to renew Tantita's surveillance contract and ignore detractors. The group highlighted the effectiveness of Tantita's surveillance services in curbing oil theft and called for the continuation of their contract. The group emphasized the need for strong security measures to protect Nigeria's oil resources."

"Salahudeen, a beauty expert, has advised individuals not to bleach their skin in order to look beautiful. She emphasized the importance of embracing one's natural skin color and taking care of it through proper skincare practices. According to Salahudeen, true beauty comes from within and does not depend on the color of one's skin."

"First Bank of Nigeria has made banking transactions convenient for its customers through various digital platforms. The bank has introduced innovative services and technologies to enable customers to easily access banking services anytime and anywhere. This initiative aims to enhance customer satisfaction and improve the overall banking experience."

"An economist in Nigeria has urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to take currency swap agreements seriously and reduce the country's reliance on dollars. The economist highlighted the potential benefits of currency swaps in reducing the demand for dollars and stabilizing the country's exchange rate. The CBN was advised to prioritize currency swap agreements as part of its monetary policy."

"The Edo State Government has reversed to five-day classes for primary and junior secondary school pupils. This decision was made following an assessment of the impact of the four-day classes and the need to ensure effective teaching and learning. The government emphasized its commitment to providing quality education for all children in the state."

"Los trabajadores en Nigeria han ido a la huelga para protestar por el aumento del costo de la vida en el país. La huelga ha sido organizada por el Congreso del Trabajo de Nigeria (NLC, por sus siglas en inglés) y ha llevado a la interrupción de actividades en varios sectores en todo el país. Los trabajadores exigen una mejora en sus condiciones de vida."

"The Ministry of Power in Nigeria has endorsed the Nigeria Energy Confab, which aims to promote dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in the energy sector. The conference will provide a platform for discussions on key issues related to energy generation, distribution, and efficiency. The ministry expressed its support for initiatives that drive innovation and sustainable development in the energy sector."

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