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Mon, Jul 31, 2023 8:25 PM

Gombe State Police Commissioner urges heightened vigilance following unrest in Adamawa State

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Gombe State Police Commissioner urges heightened vigilance following unrest in Adamawa State
The Gombe State Police Commissioner has directed all law enforcement officials to maintain a heightened level of vigilance in order to prevent civil disobedience or any breakdown of law and order. This directive comes in the wake of the recent looting of a Government Warehouse and private stores by hoodlums in neighbouring Adamawa State. The police command has also assured the public that it is actively working to alleviate their hardships and restore normalcy.

The Gombe State Police Commissioner, Mr Oqua Etim, has instructed all Area Commanders, Divisional Police Officers, and Tactical Commanders to maintain a state of heightened vigilance in their respective areas of responsibility. This directive comes as a preemptive measure to avoid any potential civil unrest or breakdown of law and order in the State.

The actions of hoodlums who recently looted a Government Warehouse and private stores in Adamawa State have raised concerns about the potential spillover of violent activities into Gombe State. In response to this, the Gombe State Police Command has taken proactive steps to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.

The press release issued by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Gombe State Police Command, Asp Mahid Muazu Abubakar, states that the Police Commissioner has urged close collaboration with other security agencies to facilitate the sharing of information and intelligence. This coordinated effort will help address any emerging threats and maintain peace and order in the State.

The statement also acknowledges the concerns and challenges faced by the residents of Gombe and emphasizes the need for calm and law-abiding behavior during these difficult times. While the Government is actively working to alleviate hardships and restore normalcy, it urges the public to remain patient and cooperative.

In addition to directing law enforcement officials, the Gombe State Police Command also appeals to parents and guardians to be vigilant in safeguarding their children or wards. They are advised to warn their children against associating with bad company or engaging in activities that may compromise their safety or lead them astray.

As the primary role models and protectors, parents play a crucial role in shaping the future of their children and safeguarding them from potential harm. By instilling good values and providing guidance, parents can contribute to the overall stability and well-being of society.

The Gombe State Police Command emphasizes its commitment to the safety and security of all residents. It encourages prompt reporting of any suspicious activities or individuals to the nearest police station or through its public lines.

In conclusion, the Gombe State Police Commissioner's directive for heightened vigilance is a proactive step in maintaining law and order. The recent unrest in Adamawa State serves as a reminder of the potential risks and challenges faced by neighboring states. By working together and remaining vigilant, the residents of Gombe can overcome these difficult times and protect their communities.

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