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Wed, Aug 2, 2023 3:45 PM

Nigeria Immigration Service Unveils New "Economic Trust Visa" to Deepen Foreign Investment

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Nigeria Immigration Service Unveils New "Economic Trust Visa" to Deepen Foreign Investment
The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has announced the introduction of a new visa regime, the "Economic Trust Visa." This initiative aims to attract and safeguard foreign investors seeking partnerships in Nigeria. The NIS will actively verify the authenticity of potential business partners to protect investors from fraudulent individuals. Additionally, the service is committed to strengthening border management strategies to address migration challenges effectively.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is taking significant steps to foster foreign investment in Nigeria by unveiling a new visa regime, the "Economic Trust Visa." This initiative is part of the agency's efforts to deepen foreign direct investment in the country and protect the interests of legitimate businesspersons.

Mrs Carol Wura-Ola Adepoju, the acting comptroller-general of the NIS, announced the introduction of the "Economic Trust Visa" during a world press conference held in Abuja to commemorate the service's 60th anniversary. The primary objective of this visa system is to prevent fraudulent individuals from exploiting foreign investors seeking partnerships in Nigeria.

The new visa regime will provide a guarantee of authenticity for foreign investors involved in Nigerian business partnerships by verifying the profiles of their potential partners. By partnering with security agencies, the NIS aims to ensure that foreign investors are not swindled out of their hard-earned money.

"We are looking at using our visa regime to support the vision of the Nigerian government in improving our economy," said Mrs Adepoju. "We have proposed the issuance of an Economic Trust Visa whereby we will assist interested investors in checking the profiles of their would-be partners."

The NIS's emphasis on border management is another crucial aspect of its strategy to enhance seamless migration. Mrs Adepoju expressed concern about the challenges faced by neighboring countries and reassured the public that the service would invest more in border management in the years ahead.

The acting NIS boss acknowledged that Nigeria is not immune to migration challenges but highlighted that the country has consistently confronted these challenges with the support of the federal government.

With the introduction of the "Economic Trust Visa," foreign investors can have confidence in their Nigerian business partnerships. The stringent verification process by the NIS will act as a safeguard against fraudulent individuals.

The NIS's commitment to strengthening border management is equally vital for maintaining national security and addressing migration challenges effectively. As more resources and logistics are allocated to trained personnel, the agency will be better equipped to manage Nigeria's borders and maintain seamless migration processes.

The new visa regime signifies Nigeria's determination to attract foreign investment and foster economic development. It enables the government to align its immigration policies with its economic goals, contributing to job creation and overall economic growth.

The "Economic Trust Visa" is a notable step towards establishing Nigeria as an attractive investment destination, signaling the country's commitment to providing a secure environment for international business partnerships. With increased transparency and authentication measures, Nigeria is poised to stimulate foreign investment and strengthen its position in the global economic landscape.

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