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Sun, Jul 30, 2023 12:05 PM

Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors Insists on Continuing Nationwide Strike

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Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors Insists on Continuing Nationwide Strike
The Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has reaffirmed its commitment to continue the nationwide strike until the federal government addresses their demands. NARD represents a significant number of doctors in the country and is urging the government to resolve the ongoing healthcare crisis. The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) is not on strike but is being engaged by NARD for support and collective action.

The Nigeria Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has insisted that its nationwide strike will continue until the federal government meets their demands. The strike, which has been ongoing, is causing concern about the future of healthcare in the country.

NARD President, Dr Emeka Oji, stressed during a press conference in Lagos State on Saturday that the strike action would persist until "reasonable progress is made by the government to address our demands as contained in the ultimatum issued to the Federal Government on the 15th of July, 2023".

In outlining their demands, Dr Oji emphasized the urgent need for the federal and state governments to address the issues to prevent further escalation of the healthcare crisis. The strike has had a significant impact on patient care and access to medical services.

While NARD represents approximately 15,000 resident doctors out of a total of more than 40,000 doctors in Nigeria, its parent body, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), has not joined the strike action. However, NARD is actively engaging the NMA in hopes of garnering their support and collective action.

"We're still engaging NMA and we'll continue to engage the Nigerian Medical Association," said Dr Oji. He further urged NARD members across different states to involve their respective state officers committee of the Nigerian Medical Association, as unity and collaboration are essential to effectively address the healthcare crisis.

The ongoing strike by NARD highlights the deep-rooted problems within the healthcare sector in Nigeria, including inadequate funding, poor infrastructure, and inadequate remuneration for healthcare professionals. The strike demonstrates the frustration and desperation of resident doctors who are key players in delivering medical services.

The absence of resident doctors from hospitals and healthcare facilities has had a severe impact on patient care, with many people unable to access the necessary medical attention. The strike has put pressure on the federal and state governments to take immediate action to address the demands raised by NARD.

As the strike continues, the Nigerian government faces the urgent task of finding a lasting solution to the healthcare crisis. The wellbeing and lives of Nigerian citizens depend on their ability to access quality healthcare services, and the resolution of the ongoing strike is crucial in achieving this.

With the strike action persisting and negotiations ongoing, the healthcare system in Nigeria remains strained. The government must prioritize the demands of NARD and work towards finding mutually beneficial solutions to improve the healthcare sector in the country.

The situation serves as a wake-up call for the government and stakeholders in the healthcare sector to invest in the sector to enhance infrastructure, secure better working conditions, and adequately compensate healthcare professionals. Failure to do so will have severe consequences for the nation's healthcare service delivery and the welfare of its citizens.

It is hoped that a resolution will be reached soon, ending the strike and providing relief to patients and healthcare professionals across Nigeria.

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